New Product 2023 – CNC Gantry Machining Center GMC1425


The gantry machining center is a machining center where the axis of the spindle Z-axis is set perpendicular to the table, and the overall structure is a large machining center machine with double columns and a top beam forming a portal structure frame, with a cross beam in the middle of the double columns. It is especially suitable for processing large workpieces and workpieces with complex shapes.

The CNC Gantry Machining Center GMC1425 boasts remarkable features that contribute to its significance in the manufacturing industry. With its large machining size, spacious worktable, and exceptional precision, it offers unparalleled capabilities for machining tasks. Its high-speed and high-precision machining capabilities enable efficient production processes, leading to superior results.

Specification of GMC1425

Specification GMC1425
Worktable size (L×W) 2500×1300mm
T-slots size (N×W×D) 7-22×160mm
X/Y/Z axis travel 2600/1400/800mm
Distance from spindle nose to worktable surface 160-960mm
Distance between two columns 1400mm
Spindle taper BT50
Spindle power 15/18.5kw
Max. spindle speed 6000rpm
Spindle torque 143N·m
Rapid feed speed (X/Y/Z) 10/10/10m/min
Ball screw (diameter+lead)
X/Y/Z axis ball screw 6316/5016/5016
X/Y/Z guideway type X/Y:roller linear guideways, Z:box guideway
Tool magazine
Tool magazine capacity 24T
Max. length of tool 350mm
Tool change time (T-T) 3s
Positioning accuracy (GB standard)
Positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) 0.03mm
Re-positioning accuracy(X/Y/Z) 0.018mm
Machine dimension
L×W×H 7800×5500×5000mm
Machine weight
Max. loading of worktable 6t
N.W 22.5t




High Rigidity: The gantry structure of the GMC1425 provides excellent rigidity and stability during machining operations. This rigidity minimizes vibrations and ensures consistent and reliable cutting performance, resulting in superior surface finishes and dimensional accuracy.

Versatile Machining Capabilities: The GMC1425 supports various machining processes, including milling, drilling, tapping, and more. Its multi-axis capabilities enable the production of complex geometries and intricate features, making it suitable for a wide range of applications across different industries.

High Productivity: The GMC1425 has a high-speed spindle and rapid tool-changing system. These features contribute to increased productivity by reducing non-cutting time, enabling rapid machining cycles, and improving overall operational efficiency.

Advanced CNC Control: The GMC1425 is integrated with a sophisticated CNC control system, offering user-friendly programming interfaces and advanced software functionalities. This allows operators to optimize machining processes, automate tool paths, and monitor operations in real-time, enhancing productivity and minimizing errors.

Cost Efficiency: By reducing setup time, increasing machining efficiency, and minimizing material waste, the GMC1425 contributes to cost savings in the manufacturing process. The precision and accuracy of the machine also help to avoid rework and scrap, further reducing costs.

In summary, the CNC gantry machining center GMC1425 plays a pivotal role in modern manufacturing. Its broad applications and technological advancements have made it an indispensable asset in various industries. By utilizing the GMC1425, manufacturers can achieve enhanced productivity, improved quality, and cost savings.