Spline Rolling Machine Manufacturer from China


Spline rolling is a proven, high-throughput, cost-effective process for generating complex geometries in metal parts. Spline rolling utilizes paired racks mounted in a spline rolling machine to roll complex geometries into cold or ambient metal parts.


With the rapid development of industry, all walks of life have achieved semi-mechanization or even full mechanical automation, and splines are widely used in mechanical equipment, and almost all machinery and mechanisms are used. Traditional splines are produced through Some simple machine tool clips are distributed and processed. This processing method has low efficiency, poor quality, poor operability and cumbersome process. In order to change this process situation, people invented the spline gear rolling machine. During the operation of the current gear rolling machine, the structural stability of the movable rod is poor, which in turn affects the running stability of the left saddle and the right saddle. Moreover, when the workpiece is placed on the positioning mechanism of the gear rolling machine, it is prone to slippage.