Basic Maintenance Methods of CNC VTL Lathe


The cnc vtl lathe includes a bed, a worktable erected on the bed, and a numerical control circuit control system. A gantry frame is set across the worktable, and the gantry frame also includes: gantry carriage, gantry carriage movable clamp Hold on the X-axis guide. The Z-axis guide rail is installed on the gantry. The cross beam is provided with a Z-axis carriage, the cross beam is movably clamped on the Z-axis guide rail through the Z-axis carriage, and a Y-axis guide rail is also installed on the cross beam. 

The cnc vtl lathe uses the servo system to increase the processing rate. First, the workpiece is fixed on the worktable by the fixture. After pressing the “run” button, the hatch is closed, and the two drive motors located on the worktable push the processing table with the drill bit to the workpiece approaching position at high speed through the ball screw. The drill bit works, and then it is machined according to the inherent deep hole machining cycle. In order to prevent the two opposing drills from hitting the knife, the controller realizes the interlocking function of the two drive motors through software programming. That is to say, the drive motor that is first processed to a position close to the center line will send a signal to lock the drive motor on the other side, making it enter the “pause” state. own processing action. After the workpiece is processed, the controller gives the corresponding electrical signal to open the hatch and wait for the next cycle of “running” to start.


Today, let’s learn about the maintenance methods of CNC vtl lathe:


1. Do a good job of cleaning the whole machine (including the electric cabinet, bed, chuck and screw and other transmission components, etc.), clean the oil tank, and clean the filter element.


2. Apply anti-rust oil to the surface of the tube sheet drilling machine worktable, chucks, etc. to prevent rust from affecting its accuracy.


3. Check the level of lubricating oil. For manual lubrication, add lubricating oil to ensure that the mechanical part of the CNC tube sheet drilling machine is in a good lubricating state.


4. If the CNC tube sheet drill has a long shutdown time, each axis needs to be run to the middle position to be closed, so that it is in a state of stress balance; it is necessary to avoid the extreme position of the axis, and the uneven force on the casting will affect the accuracy.

5. The filter screen of the electric box and the fan of the electric box need to be blocked with stickers, so as to prevent the electrical components from being damaged due to damp weather.


6. Do a good job of preventing rodents in the production workshop to prevent rodents from destroying the tube sheet drilling circuit and causing failure.


7. Do a good job in the total power outage of the workshop.


8. If it is not used for a long time, the power supply voltage of the tube sheet drill must be checked before starting the machine. The power switch of the tube sheet drill can only be turned on after the main power switch is turned on for about 10 minutes after the voltage is stable, and then the power switch of the electric box is turned on.