Do you know types of machining center?


CNC Machining Center has some advantages, such as best price, wide capacity, high precision and etc, so more and more machinery people choose it. We can use various milling cutters to machining grooves on CNC milling machines. The working principle of a CNC milling machine is continuous milling with multi-blade cutter, which is suitable for single-piece small batch production and processing of small and medium-sized parts in production. But do you know the types of machining center?

Types of CNC Machining Center

According to the spindle:

a.Vertical CNC milling machine
Features: The spindle axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. It is the most common form of a CNC milling machine, and it has the widest application range. Among them, three-axis CNC milling machines are mostly used.
Application: It is mainly used for profile processing in the horizontal plane. After adding the numerical control indexing head, the curved groove can be processed on the cylindrical surface.
b.Horizontal CNC milling machine
Features: The spindle axis is parallel to the horizontal plane.
Application: Mainly used for various upper profile processing in the vertical plane. After the universal CNC turntable is added, the continuous swivel profile on the side of the workpiece can also be machined and the four surfaces of the box part can be machined after one installation. Four-axis or five-axis machining is usually implemented by adding a numerical control turntable.
c. Gantry CNC Milling Machine
Features: The spindles are mostly vertical, the models are large and the price is relatively high.
Application: It is mainly suitable for processing large or complex shapes such as beams, frames, siding, etc. on airplanes.

According to the number of axes:

1) Three-axis CNC milling machine
2) Four-axis CNC milling machine
Features: The fourth axis indexing head is installed on the three-axis CNC milling machine, which can realize four-axis four-linkage, which makes the workpiece more and wider, and is suitable for workpiece machining with complex curved surfaces.
3) Five-axis CNC milling machine
Features: Adding the fifth axis indexing head on the three-axis CNC milling machine, it can realize five-axis five-linkage, and it contains RTCP function, which is suitable for processing complex parts such as machining impeller.