Do you know which workpieces can be processed by the high-speed CNC center?


High-speed CNC machining centers are mainly used for high-precision, multi-step, and complex-shaped machining of plate, disc parts, shell parts, molds, and other components. It can complete clamping, continuous milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, threading, and three-dimensional surface machining in one go. It can also perform precise chamfering machining procedures, shortening the production cycle and thus resulting in good economic benefits for the users.1.Box-shaped workpieces are generally made of materials that can be processed with multiple hole systems and one plane, with high precision requirements for the positioning system. When processing on a machining center, one clamping can complete 60% to 95% of the main process content on a typical Chinese machine tool.

2.Complex curved surfaces can be machined using a three-coordinate linkage ball head milling cutter. If the workpiece has a machining interference area or blind area, a four or five-coordinate linkage machine tool should be considered, such as aircraft, car shapes, impellers, propellers, and various molding molds.

3.Shape and structural components are irregular parts of external components, often requiring a mixture of points, lines, and surfaces to be processed. Processing non-standard parts with more complex shapes and higher precision can show the advantages of using a high-speed CNC machining center. Such as mobile phone shell.

4.Disc, sleeve, and plate-like workpieces mainly include a disk sleeve or shaft workpiece with two keyways and radial holes, and a hole system and curved surface on the end face, such as shaft sleeves with flanges, shaft parts with measuring keyways or square heads, etc. Plate parts with more hole material processing, such as various control motor covers.

5.The machining center can also perform special processing, such as if the FMEDM power supply is installed on the main shaft, the metal surface can be quenched.