What is CNC pipe threading lathe machine?


CNC pipe threading lathe is high -precision, high -efficiency slant bed automatic machine, equipped with advanced configurations such as multi -station servo or power turret. It can process complex workpieces such as linear cylinders, diagonal cylinders, arcs and various threads. You must pay attention to the use of the coolant to improve work efficiency.

General classification of CNC pipe threading lathes coolant:

  1. Traditional completely water-soluble coolant. This kind of coolant is mainly low in cost and poor in lubricating performance, so we don’t recommend buying it.
  2. The introduction of coolant types has three types: complete water-soluble, emulsification, and oily. This type of coolant is effective, but the price is high.
  3. The new coolants developed in China in recent years have the same performance as foreign products and have good environmental protection effects. This coolant is affordable and especially suitable for grinding machines, machining centers, and large-scale machining equipment that are well equipped with facilities.

The coolant also removes chips, protects against corrosion, ensures biological stability, and provides a friendly environment for the operator. Coolants are composed of complex chemical formulations to meet these specific performance requirements.


As a lathe operator, it is also necessary to master the operation skills of the CNC pipe thread lathe. On the one hand, it can avoid collision accidents, resulting in lathe damage. In addition, it can improve the operation efficiency in a short period. We need to meet the following requirements:

  1. During the training, you will learn and master the statements of the general operation alarm, know what the Chinese meaning is, how to solve the problem, and how to eliminate the false alarm.
  2. Know what kind of operating system the lathe you are operating. Simply understand the control principle and working method of the CNC system. What working language is used by the system, the software used for lathe processing, and the language it uses?
  3. Know the functions of the pipe threading lathe buttons and how to execute the program. How to pause the program to check the workpiece processing state, and resume the suspended state to continue to execute the program. How to stop the program? How to change the program and then execute it?