Type: CNC Swiss Lathe

Max. bar dia.: 20mm

Spindle bore: 21mm

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC



    CNC swiss machine is specifically designed for machining small-diameter, long, slender workpieces. They boast high rigidity, stability, and precision, enabling extremely fine machining. When it comes to applications requiring high precision, such as watch parts, medical instruments, and aerospace components, a Swiss type lathe is an ideal choice.

    CNC swiss machine is typically equipped with multiple toolholders and turret stations, allowing for simultaneous machining of multiple operations. With the main spindle and rear tool turret working together, productivity is enhanced. These machines often feature multi-axis control systems and transmission devices, enabling various machining operations to be performed simultaneously.

    Performance features

    • A large number of cutting tools,fast tool exchange.
    • It can process various parts with ultra-fine length.
    • Live tools meet the requirements of turning and milling(Live tools as optional).
    • Reasonable layout with small shape and footprint.


    Specificaton B20
    Max. bar throught hole Φ20mm
    Spindel through diameter Φ21mm
    Spindle center height from the ground 1050mm
    Motorized/Sevrvo spindle revolving speed 10000/5000r/min
    Power of Motorized/Servo spindle 7.5kw/4kw
    Sub spindle
    Max. clamping dia. Φ20mm
    Spindle speed 0-5000r/min
    Motor power 2kw
    CNC system
    LNC LNC-T6800D
    Min. setting unit 0.001mm
    Min. moving unit X 0.0005mm
    Min. moving unit Z 0.001mm
    Cutting speed 1–4000mm/min
    X rapid travel speed 20000mm/min
    Y rapid travel speed 20000mm/min
    Z rapid travel speed 20000mm/min
    X stroke 140mm (Dia. value)
    Y stroke 300mm
    Z stroke 300mm
    X axis servo motor power 1kw
    Y axis servo motor power 1kw
    Z axis servo motor power 1kw
    Guideway Linear guideway
    X1 stroke 500mm (Dia. value)
    Z1 stroke 200mm
    X1 servo motor power 1kw
    Z1 servo motor power 1kw
    Rated voltage 3 phase AC 380V
    Rated frequency 50HZ
    Total input power 17kw
    Cooling system
    Cutting motor power 0.18kw
    Capacity of coolant container 150L
    Lube system
    Motor power 25w
    Capacity 1.5L
    Live tool
    Side live tool 4 nos.
    Power 1kw
    ER collet ER11/ER16 (each 2 nos.)
    Front live tool (optional) 3 nos.
    Front live tool for sub spindle(optional) 4 nos.
    Tool post
    12*12 squre tool+Φ20 boring tool 6 nos.+4 nos.
    Machine size
    L*W*H 2090*1200*1800mm

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