Type: Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC



    This metal turning lathe C6280 in series can perform many operations, such as internal and external turning, taper turning, facing, threading of metric, module, and DP threads, drilling, boring, and groove broaching. Additionally, can machine all kinds of flat stocks and those in irregular shapes.


    1. Metal turning lathe for threading Inch, Metric, Module and D.P..
    2. Perform drilling, boring and groove broaching.
    3. Respectively with through-hole spindle bore, that can hold bar stocks in larger diameters.
    4. Both Inch and Metric systems are used on these series lathes, it’s easy for people from different measuring systems countries.
    5. There are hand brakes and foot brakes for users to choose.
    6. Power supply of different voltages (220V/380V/420V) and different frequencies (50Hz,60Hz) are available.


    Specification C6280&C6280V
    Max.swing over bed 800 mm
    Max.swing over gap 1046 mm
    Max.swing over cross slide 580 mm
    Distance between centers 1500/2000/3000 mm
    Width of bed 400 mm
    Travel of cross slide 420 mm
    Travel of top slide 235 mm
    Spindle nose 1:20
    Spindle bore 105 mm
    Spinde range 25-1600 rpm V 16-70&50-215 110-475&350-1500rpm
    Metric threads range 0.45-120 mm
    Imperial threads range 7/16-80T.P.I
    Longitudinal feeds 0.044-1.48 mm/u
    Cross feed 0.022-0.74 mm/u
    M.P threads range 0.25-60 mm
    D.P threads range 7/8-160DP
    Tailstock quill diameter 90 mm
    Tailstcok quill travel 230 mm
    Taper of tailstock quill MT5
    Mian motor 7.5kw or 11kw
    Coolant pump 90 w
    Rapid movement motor 550w
    Weight 3050/3445/3820kg
    Packing size 3287/4387/5287x1525x1925 mm