Type: Pipe Threading Lathe

Max. swing dia. over bed: 630mm

Spindle bore: 135mm

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    The pipe threading lathe machine can complete cylindrical turning, inner hole, and all kinds of the screw thread, arc, cone and interior and the exterior surface of solid of revolution.

    Pipe threading lathe QK1313 is suitable for high-efficiency, high-volume and high-precision machining for the super-long parts of oil pipe and drill pipe joint.

    Performance features

    • Large spindle aperture with high passability and stable workpiece clamping with double chucks.
    • High quality and high strength cast iron casting overall bed with good rigidity and high precision.
    • The surface of the guide rail is quenched by super audio treatment, with great hardness and long service life.
    • The planker adopts the plasticizing process of the guide surface, which is wear-resistant and highly accurate.


    Specification QK1313
    Chuck size 3 jaw chuck (380)
    Max. swing dia over bed 630mm
    Max. swing dia over slide 330mm
    Max. length of workpiece 1500mm
    Width of bed 550mm
    Spindle bore 135mm
    Spindle speed range (L):0-130r/min
    Power of spindle motor 11kw
    Mode of spindle speed Variable speed in 2 steps
    Max.travers of X/Z axis X:350mm
    X/Z rapid traverse 4000/6000mm/min
    X-axis motor Speed 1500r/min
    Torgue 10N.m
    Power 1.5kw
    Z-axis motor Speed 1500r/min
    Torgue 15N.m
    Power 2.4kw
    Electric tool-post Model HAK-21240
    No.of tool stations 4 position
    Dimension 240×240mm
    Tool change time 2.6s
    Tailstock quill Diameter 100mm
    Travel 250mm
    Taper MT5
    Positioning accuracy (National standard)
    Positioning accuracy 0.02mm
    Repositioning accuracy 0.01mm
    Machine Dimensions
    Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 3800x1900x1900mm
    Machine weight 4.2t

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