Type: CNC Swiss Lathe

Max. bar dia.: 7mm

Spindle bore: 8mm

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC



    The machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the swiss lathe machine are higher than that of the CNC lathe. The swiss lathe machine adopts two-axis arranging tools. This design greatly saves the processing cycle time. By shortening the tool exchange time between the tool arrangement and the opposite tool turret, the overlapping functions of multiple tool turrets and effective axis movement of thread chips can be realized. , The direct spindle indexing function during secondary processing shortens the actual empty walking time. In the machining process of the spindle and the clamping part of the workpiece, the chip cutting tool has always played a very important role, which provides a strong guarantee for the constant machining accuracy.

    Performance features

    • A large number of cutting tools,fast tool exchange.
    • It can process various parts with ultra-fine length.
    • Live tools meet the requirements of turning and milling(Live tools as optional).
    • Reasonable layout with small shape and footprint.


    Specification CK1107
    Max. Bar Dia. Φ7mm
    Max length of workpiece N/A
    Slide guide mode Linear Guide Rail
    Spindlle bore Ф8
    Drilling Spindle Size ER8/12mm
    Spindle speed 0-5000r/min
    The height of spindle center from ground 890mm
    X axis travel 38mm
    Y axis travel 80mm
    Z axis travel 150mm
    X/Y/Z Axis Fast Feed Rate 15/15/15m/min
    Cutting speed 1-4000mm/min
    Tool post
    Gang tool 12 Nos.
    Front drilling 4 Nos.
    Turning tool 8 Nos.
    Tool size 8x8mm
    CNC controller model YZ150
    Min. setting unit 0.001mm
    X Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.0005mm
    Y Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.001mm
    Z Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.001mm
    Max. Programming size ±9999.999
    Input Pressure of Compressed Air 0.4–0.6Mpa
    Spindle power 2kw
    X/Y/Z Axis Servo Motor Power 0.4/0.4/0.4kw
    Cutting motor power 0.12kw
    Total input power 4kw
    Machine Dimensions
    Overal dimension (L×W×H) 1400x660x1450mm
    Weight 600kg

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