Type: Vertical Machining Center

X/Y/Z axis travel: 800/800/600mm

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    DAASCNC brand  VB63-5AX 5-Axis Simultaneous CNC Vertical Machining Center is a high-efficiency, high-precision machining equipment. The workpiece can complete complex processing procedures in one clamping process so that this equipment can adapt to the processing of modern molds such as auto parts and aircraft structural parts. Pentaaxis means our device has five axes. The X/Y/Z axis and the ac axis form linkage processing, so it is very good at space surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique hole, oblique cutting, etc., and its uses are diverse.

    Performance features

    1. The Y-axis adopts a double-drive structure, which makes the machine more steady when moving at high speed.

    2. The 5 axis cnc machining machine structure adopts thermal inertia and symmetrical design of motion balance, and adopts gantry axis synchronization control to ensure the stability of the machine when the moving parts are moving at high speed or large load cutting.

    3. Adopting QT600 box-type spindle box structure to improve the cutting rigidity of the machine.

    4. Adopting double swing angle rotary table structure, which can perform 5-axis linkage machining.

    5. Arbitrary angle positioning accuracy processing, to meet the processing needs of complex curved parts.

    6. Adopting torque motor direct drive technology, eliminating transmission gears and greatly improving running accuracy and speed.

    7. Adopting hydraulic clamping system, which can realize high-precision positioning machining.


    Specification VB63-5AX
    Processing range X axis travel mm 800
    Y axis travel mm 800+400(Tool change travel)
    Z axis travel mm 600
    Distance from spindle nose to worktable surface mm 150-750
    A axis ±120°
    C axis Continuous 360°
    Worktable Worktable size mm Φ630
    Max. swing dia. of workpiece mm Φ850
    Max. loading of worktable kg 850
    T-slot width mm 14
    Center hole size mm Φ50H7
    A-axis locking torque N·m 2×2500
    C-axis locking torque N·m 2800
    Feed X/Y/Z rapid feed speed m/min 50/50/50
    A/C axis spindle rpm 60/120
    Spindle Spindle taper HSK-A63
    Max. working speed r/min 18000
    Rated power kW 38
    Rated torque N·m 95
    Position X/Y/Z positioning accuracy mm 0.008(Overall length)
    X/Y/Z re-positioning accuracy mm 0.004(Overall length)
    A/C axis positioning accuracy 10
    A/C axis re-positioning accuracy 4
    Tool Type Umbrella type
    Tool magazine capacity 40
    Max. tool size mm Φ75/Φ120/300
    (Full tool diameter / empty adjacent tool diameter / length)
    Max. tool weight kg 6
    Other Air source pressure mPa 0.65


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