Type: Vertical

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    Vertical spline rolling machine VDS500E is suitable for the precision chip-free cold forming of straight teeth, spiral teeth(splines), thread, worm, straight grain, oil groove on shaft parts of automobile gearbox gear shaft, ball cage constant speed universal joint, spline shaft, motor shaft, textile roller, spring torsion bar, directional machine, crankshaft, etc.


    1. Wear-resistant castings use special materials frame body is highly rigid.
    2. Unique synchronization gap trimming technology can improve synchronization accuracy.
    3. Rich combination mold can reverse forming and save molds.
    4. Clamping one time can form a few steps.
    5. Intelligent rail war lubrication detector function, workpiece forming finished with the big cooling flow.
    6. Reasonable structure design, pleasant operating height, small footprint.
    7. Spline rolling machine can carry with truss or joint robot and automatic line.

    Specification of vertical spline rolling machine

    Specification Unit VDS500 VDS500E
    Max  module mm 1 1
    Max out diameter mm ø20 ø20
    Max tool width mm 40 40
    Max workpiece length mm 400 400
    Max installing tool width mm 90 90
    The open part size mm 139.7 139.7
    Tool size mm 13or16 13or16
    Max travel mm 500 500
    Weight kg 3200 3200
    Length × width mm 950×2600 950×2600
    Driveway Hydraulic Servo