Type: Vertical

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    This vertical milling machine ZAY7045V has several functions, such as surface cutting, drilling, milling, and tapping. And this milling machine is of fine quality, can be operated easily, and it is not limited to skilled operators.


    1. Bronze adjustable nuts, which adjust the thread clearance and reduce the wear.
    2. They also make screws rotate smoothly and increase the thread accuracy.
    3. Whole upright, which makes this machine strong and stable, and also keeps high accuracy.
    4. Head of tough cast ensures its accuracy lasting enduring through the Smoothly and preciseness gears transmitting.
    5. It is easy to change speed.
    6. Tapping operation clockwise or counterclockwise and the working depth can be adjusted by a positive depth stop gauge.


    Model ZAY7032V ZAY7040V
    Max drilling capacity 32mm 40mm
    Max Face mill capacity Φ63mm Φ80mm
    Max End mill capacity Φ20mm Φ32mm
    Max distance from spindle nose to table 400mm
    Min distance from spindle axis to column 260mm
    Spindle travel 130mm
    Spindle taper MT3 , MT4 or R8
    Range of spindle speed 100-530rpm 530-2600rpm
    Swivel angle of headstock (perpendicular) ±90°
    Table size 800×240mm
    Forward and backward travel of table 175mm
    Left and right travel of table 500mm
    Motor Power 1.1KW/1.1KW/1.5KW
    Net/Gross weight 300kgs/ 350kgs
    Packing size 770×880×1160mm
    Loading amount/20″ container 36pcs