Do you know the difference between a “T” shaped and “丄” shaped horizontal machining center?


“丄” shaped structure: The worktable moves back and forth, and the column moves left and right. HMC machine is a comprehensive cnc machine tool. HMC machine has a variety of process methods. Compared with the processing of ordinary machine tools, it has manyparticular process characteristics.

① High machining precision. In processing, the process can clamp most or all parts of the surface to prevent workpiece clamping errors resulting from multiple clamping. This ensures higher accuracy in the mutual positional relationship of the machined surface. Simultaneously, it employs a position compensation function utilizing a half ring or even a full closed loop, providing enhanced positioning and repeated positioning accuracy. It effectively addresses dimensional errors arising during machining. Compared with ordinary machine tools, it can obtain higher dimensional accuracy.

②The precision is stable. The whole process is automatically controlled by the program and is not affected by the operator’s human factors. At the same time, there is no CAM, mold, or other hardware, save the manufacturing and use of wear caused by the error, coupled with the position compensation function of the machine tool and higher positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy, the machined parts size consistency is good.

③ High efficiency. One clamping can complete more surface processing, reducing the auxiliary time required for multiple clamping workpieces. At the same time city has fewer workpieces between machine tools, workshop and workshop turnover, and transportation workload.

④ Good surface quality. Spindle speed and each shaft feed are stepless word speed, some even have adaptive control functions, with the tool and workpiece material and tool parameters change, the cutting parameters adjusted to a better value, thus improving the quality of the machining surface.