How to choose the lubricating cutting fluid for turning and milling machine?


When selecting the cutting fluid used on the turning-milling machine tool, the customer can first select 2~3 cutting fluids with better comprehensive performance according to their processing conditions. After actual trials, it is determined that the performance meets the processing requirements and the price of Suitable cutting fluid. The performance of the workpiece material is very important to the selection of cutting fluid. Next, let’s take a look at how to choose the lubricating cutting fluid for turning and milling machine tools.

How to choose?

1. The cutting fluid should have no irritating smell and no additives harmful to the human body to ensure the safety of users.

2.The cutting fluid should meet the needs of equipment lubrication and protection management, that is, the cutting fluid should not corrode the metal parts of the machine tool, harm the seals and paint of the machine tool, and will not leave hard gelatinous deposits on the machine tool guide rails to ensure the safety of the equipment. safe and working properly.

3.It should meet the anti-rust requirements between the workpiece processes and not corrode the workpiece. For example, when processing copper alloys, one should avoid using sulfur-containing cutting fluids. When processing aluminum alloys, it is necessary to select a cutting fluid with a neutral pH value.

4.The cutting fluid should have excellent lubricity and cleaning function. Select the cutting fluid with a high maximum non-jamming load value and low surface tension. And judge it by cutting fluid experiment.

5.The cutting fluid should have a long service life, which is especially important for turning and milling machine tools.

6.It should adapt to various processing methods and various workpiece materials as much as possible.

7.The cutting fluid should have low pollution, and there is a waste liquid treatment method.

8.The cutting fluid should be cheap and easy to manufacture.

In short, the selection principle of cutting fluid for turning and milling compound machine tools must meet the requirements of cutting performance and performance. That is, it should have good lubrication, cooling, antirust, and cleaning performance. And can meet the process requirements during processing, reduce tool loss, reduce Process surface roughness, reduce power consumption and improve production efficiency. At the same time, the stability of use should be considered.