How to choose the specification of the hmc machine center?


Horizontal machining center hmc refers to the machining center with the spindle axis parallel to the workbench and is mainly suitable for machining box-type parts. Its working principle is that after the workpiece is clamped once on the machining center, the computer can automatically select different tools, automatically change the spindle speed of the machine tool, and complete the processing of multiple processes on multiple surfaces of the workpiece in sequence. His advantage is that it can greatly improve production efficiency.
So how should we choose the specifications when choosing? Let’s take a look together!

Determine the size of the workbench

This is the main parameter of the horizontal machining center, which mainly depends on the outline size and clamping method of typical parts. A workbench that is slightly larger than the outer dimensions of typical parts should be selected in order to reserve the space required to install the fixture and ensure that the parts can be clamped smoothly on it. In addition, the load-bearing capacity of the workbench, the number of T-slots and size, etc.

Coordinate axis travel

The most basic coordinate axes are the X, Y, and Z axes. There is a corresponding proportional relationship between the stroke and the size of the work table. The size of the worktable basically determines the size of the processing space. If the size of an individual part is larger than the stroke of the horizontal machining center, the processing area of the part must be within the stroke range of the machine tool. In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the part interferes with the space of the machine tool exchange tool, and interferes with accessories such as the machine tool shield. and other series of questions. For horizontal machining centers that require multi-axis linkage machinings (such as adding rotary coordinates A, B, C or additional coordinates U, V, W), such as four-axis and five-axis linkage hmc horizontal machining centers, special orders are required. At the same time, there must be comprehensive consideration and arrangements for the corresponding supporting programming software, measurement methods, and machine tool prices.
When selecting a model, the user needs to choose a hmc horizontal machining center with different coordinate axis strokes according to the specifications of the workpiece to be processed, and multi-axis linkage requires special customization.

Spindle motor power and torque

It reflects the cutting efficiency of the horizontal machining center and also reflects the cutting rigidity of the horizontal machining center and the overall rigidity of the machine tool from one side. The power of the spindle motor can be configured in various configurations on horizontal machining centers of the same specification. For horizontal machining centers with different spindle speeds of the same specification, the power of the spindle motor can vary greatly.

Spindle speed and feed speed

When high-speed cutting or ultra-low-speed cutting is required, attention should be paid to the spindle speed range. Especially in high-speed cutting, it is necessary not only to have a high spindle speed but also to have a feed rate that matches the spindle speed. At present, the high-speed trend of horizontal machining centers is developing rapidly. The spindle changes from thousands to tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, and the rapid movement speed of linear coordinates rises from 10-20/min to more than 80m/min. Of course, its functional components such as electric spindles, The prices of linear motors, linear rolling guides, spindle bearings, etc., as well as matching grating rulers, tools, and other accessories have also risen correspondingly, even very expensive.

Tool magazine capacity

The required quantity can be determined according to the process analysis results of the processed parts. Usually, the capacity of the tool magazine is determined by the number of tools required for a typical part in one clamping. The horizontal machining center should choose a tool magazine with about 40 knives. At the same time, pay attention to the maximum tool diameter and length, as well as the maximum tool weight. The hmc horizontal machining center used for FMC or FMS should choose a large-capacity tool magazine, or even configure an exchangeable tool magazine.
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