How to deal with the wear of the guide rail of the gantry machining center?


The gantry machining center refers to the machining center where the axis of the Z axis of the spindle is perpendicular to the workbench. The overall structure is a large machining center with a portal structure frame composed of double columns and top beams. There is a beam in the middle of the double columns. Especially suitable for processing large workpieces and workpieces with complex shapes.

Currently, on the market, there are gantry machining centers with wire rails and gantry machining centers with hard rails. Most of the guide rails of these machining centers are made of steel or cast iron. This type of gantry guide rail is prone to physical scratches and should be repaired urgently, otherwise it will be damaged. Enlarging such scratches will affect the use of machine tools. The following is a summary of the experience of some gantry machining center guide rails in the long-term actual production process of engineers, which can be used for your reference.

The guide rail and other frictions of the gantry machining center cause different degrees of wear on the surface of the friction pair. After the wear, it cannot be automatically compensated, resulting in a greatly reduced machining accuracy of the gantry machining center, which cannot meet the production processing accuracy and production efficiency.

  1. Bake the scratched part with an oxy-acetylene flame, and bake the oil that has penetrated the metal surface all year round until no sparks are flying around.
  2. Treat the scratched part with an angle grinder, grind it to a depth of more than 1 mm, and grind out a groove along the guide rail of the gantry machining center, which is a dovetail groove.
  3. Use absorbent cotton dipped in acetone or absolute ethanol to clean the surface of the guide rail of the CNC gantry machining center.
  4. Apply evenly blended 2211F to the scratched surface; the first layer should be thin, even and completely cover the scratched surface to ensure good bonding between the material and the metal surface, and then apply the material to the entire repaired part and press repeatedly, to ensure that the material is filled and reaches the required thickness, making it slightly higher than the surface of the guide rail of the gantry machining center.
  5. It takes 24 hours for the material to reach various properties at 24°C, and the temperature can be increased by a tungsten-halogen lamp, and the curing temperature is 70°C.
  6. After the material is solidified, use a fine grindstone or a scraper to repair and smooth the material that is higher than the surface of the gantry guide rail, and the construction is completed.