Precautions for using vertical lathe cnc


A vertical lathe cnc is a specialized type of machine tool used for machining large and heavy workpieces. Unlike traditional horizontal lathes, a vertical lathe cnc has its spindle oriented vertically, with the workpiece clamped below the spindle. This design makes it suitable for handling larger diameter workpieces such as gears, wind turbine tower sections, and aerospace engine components. Vertical turning lathes offer advantages of high stability and even distribution of cutting forces, making them widely utilized in heavy industries. They are typically employed for turning, milling, drilling, and other machining operations, playing a vital role in modern manufacturing.

Precautions during operation:

(1)We should conscientiously do the following in our work:

1. The rough surface of the workpiece shall not be directly placed on the worktable, and shall be supported by sizing block or screw top; It is strictly prohibited to use the worktable for other operations, such as correcting the workpiece by hammering, welding the workpiece, etc.

2. When aligning the workpiece, only jog the worktable to rotate and align at low speed, not at high speed.

3. When starting and stopping the workbench, the starting and stopping handle of the workbench can only be pulled by hand, and it is forbidden to use pedals.

4. When the workbench is rotating, it is not allowed to lift the crossbeam and move the tool carrier rapidly.

5.When moving the beam, loosen the clamping device first, and clamp it immediately after moving. Following every beam drop, it should slightly rise to remove clearance between lead screw and nut.

6. It is not allowed to carry out gravity cutting when the ram of the vertical tool rest and side tool rest protrudes very long; When using the vertical tool holder for machining, especially for gravity cutting, the pillars should be lowered as close to the working position as possible.

7. During intermittent cutting, properly reduce the feed amount and the rotating speed of the worktable.

8. When changing gear, the control lever must be pushed to the specified position. For instance, if the gear meshes improperly, operators should make adjustments using incremental movements after completing the task, and they must avoid forcefully manipulating the worktable’s “on/off” handle.

(2) After working, for the machine tool with two vertical tool holders, the vertical tool holders shall be symmetrically stopped at both ends of the beam; For machine tools with a vertical tool rest, the vertical tool rest shall be stopped in the middle of the beam; The side tool holder shall be moved to the lowest position of the column.

Precautions for equipment use:

1.Use environment of vertical lathe: keep it in a constant temperature environment and away from equipment with large vibration (such as punch) and equipment with electromagnetic interference.
2.Power requirements.
3. The vertical lathe shall be regularly maintained according to the operating procedures. And the site shall be protected in case of failure.
4. And vertical lathe should not be sealed for a long time.
5. Pay attention to training and equipping operators and maintenance personnel.