What is a vertical lathe?


The vertical lathe is suitable for high-speed steel tools, hard alloy cutters, high-performance tools, processing black metals, non-ferrous metal, and non-metallic material workpieces. And CNC vertical lathe is the ideal machine for machining short bar-shaped and disc-shaped work pieces in medium, and small-batch, especially for machining workpieces in large batches when high precision and repetitive accuracy are needed.

The large-scale casting of this machine was treated with high -a quality resin sand casting process and was treated with heat and timely processing, which scientifically eliminated internal stress. Small and medium-sized castings are thermal timeliness, and all steel parts are adjusted.

The machine tool sliding surface uses the PTFE wear-resistant rail soft belt, which improves the abrasion resistance by more than 5 times, and increases the accuracy of the guide track. The beam and beam slide uses an independent automatic centralized lubrication device, and the electrical components are used to use Tianshui 213 electrical. The P5 -level bearing is produced by the bearing factory of the house, other bearings use tile shafts and Harbin bearing products.

The machine is a frame structure of gantry frame structure, which is composed of the main transmission, worktable beam, crossbeam lifting mechanism, left and right tool rest, right and left tool rest, servo feed motor, hydraulic device, electric control cabinet, etc.

Vertical Lathe Components

Headstock assembly – drives the spindle of the lathe

Chuck – sits at the end of the spindle and holds the workpiece as it rotates

Jaws – securely hold the workpiece in the chuck

Ways z-axis – drives the cutting tools up and down to perform cutting processes

Ways x-axis – The rail that moved the workpiece in and out, positioning the cutter closer or farther away from the center.

Workpiece – the piece being machines that clamps into the jaws of the chuck

Multi-tool turret – holds multiple cutting tools for different operations and switches them out automatically

Cutting tool – takes cuts from the workpiece to form the final part

Bed – the heavy cast iron base underneath the work area that the chuck is attached to.