How to choose an economic facing and centering milling machine?


Economic facing and centering milling machine is a small precision CNC device with high precision, high rigidity, high speed, high efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The machine tool adopts an L -shaped base, with a 45 -degree oblique bed structure. It has good rigidity, strong shock resistance, and smooth dumps. The structure of the independent spindle unit, the imported bearing lubrication, small thermal deformation, and good thermal stability, ensure the maximum rigidity, speed, and processing accuracy of the machine tool.

The main axis of the machine tool has no transmission, and high-performance inverters are used to achieve constant-line cutting. The X-axis and Z axes adopt a high-precision linear rail structure and have good stability and abrasion resistance. The machine tool is fully closed protection, has high-speed cutting, and has good leak-proof effects. It is suitable for batch processing of disk and shaft parts with high processing accuracy for auto parts, motorcycles, valves, instruments, electronic plug-ins, and aerospace industries.

  1. Use a horizontal flat guide structure, resin sand casting, good rigidity; guide rail quenching fine grinding, accuracy, and accuracy maintain good.
  2. The overall gearbox -type large -pore -type large -axis unit, high rigid structure, suitable for heavy cutting; 3 variable frequency speed adjustment, no poles in the file, which can realize the constant wire-speed cutting in the file.
  3. The feed system adopts a high-precision bead screw directly connected to the driver. The sliding surface is pasted with poly fluoro ethylene to eliminate the crawling, improves the accuracy of the work, enhances the abrasion resistance and anti-strike capacity of the mobile part, and maintains the accuracy of the guide rail, improves the life of the machine tool. Essence Concentrate the automatic lubrication system, improve the dynamic response of the machine tool, and extend the rail, and the life of the screw.
  4. Applicable to batch processing of medium casting or steel parts.
How to select an economic facing and centering milling machine?
Preliminary Preparation
Determine the process requirements of typical parts and the batches of processing workpieces. The function that the CNC milling machine should have is to make a good preparation and reasonably select the prerequisite of the CNC milling machine to meet the process requirements of typical parts. Structural size, processing range, and accuracy requirements. According to the requirements of the accuracy, the control accuracy of the number of control milling machines is selected to select the size accuracy, positioning accuracy, and surface roughness of the workpiece. Choose according to the reliability, reliability is the guarantee of improving product quality and production efficiency.
The reliability of CNC machine tools refers to the long-term stable operation without failure when the machine tool performs its function under the prescribed conditions. That is, the average failure time is long. Even if there is a failure, it can be recovered in a short period of time, and it can be re-entered. Select the machine tool that is reasonable, manufactured, and produced in batches. Generally, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.
Select accessories and tools
Random accessories, spare parts, supply capabilities, and tools of machine tools are very important for the production of CNC milling and driving centers. Select the machine tool, you need to consider the support of the tools and attachments carefully.
Control system
Manufacturers generally choose the products of the same manufacturer and should buy at least the control system of the same manufacturer, which brings great convenience to maintenance. Teaching units, because students need to be conscious, choose different systems, and be equipped with various simulation software is a wise choice.
Do the functions and accuracy are not idle or waste, do not choose functions that are not related to yourself.
When needed, the machine can be equipped with a fully closed or semi-closed protective device and an automatic debris device. When selecting CNC milling and driving centers, the above principles should be considered comprehensively.