What are the maintenance of drilling and milling machine?


This drilling and milling machine may be used for surface cutting, drilling, milling, and tapping. And it is of fine quality, can be operated easily, it is not limited to skilled operator.

1. After each use

(a) Turn off the power switch.

(b) Remove any tool bits, clean and lubricate them, and return them to their storage case.

(c) Using a stiff bristle brush, of all chips.

(d) Using a rag, wipe off any excess or dirty oil of cutting fluid left on the machine.

(e) Lubricate the points, and apply light greased or oil to all unpainted metal to prevent corrosion.

(f) Cover the machine to prevent dust or dirt contamination when not in use.

2. Daily maintenance

(a) Fill the oil reservoir to the proper level before each use.

(b) Check the tightness of the bolts holding the head in place.

(c) If overheating or unusual noises are produced, stop the machine immediately to check for lack of lubrication, faulty adjustments, dull tool bits, or other

deficiencies, and correct any problems before resuming work.

(d) Keep the work area clean.

3. Weekly maintenance

(a) Clean and coat the lead screw with oil.

(b) Check the lubrication of the sliding parts of the table, and apply light grease if needed.

4. Monthly maintenance

(a) Adjust the accuracy of the slides on both the cross and longitudinal feeds.

(b) Lubricate the bearings, worm gear, and worm shaft with light grease.

5. Yearly maintenance

(a) Adjust the table to assure that it is level in all directions.

(b) Check the electrical cord, plug, circuit breakers, and related connections to assure that they are secure and safe.

(c) Drain the lubricant from the gearbox and replace it.