What should you know before using a horizontal metal lathe machine?


The horizontal metal lathe is a kind of machine tool that can process different types of workpieces such as shafts, plates, and rings. The spindle drives the work held rotation as the main movement, and the toolpost drives the tool movement as the feed movement to complete the relative movement between the workpiece and the tool. Before turning operations, the operators should check the problem of lathe components and oil, pay attention to their clothing problems, and wear work clothes to operate more conveniently and safely.

1. Check whether the lathe oil circuit connection is correct, and whether the rotating parts are flexible or not, then turn on.

2. Machine operators should wear work clothes, tighten the cuffs, wear a protective cap, and strictly prohibit the operation with gloves. The operators who engage in the cutting and grinding process should wear protective glasses.

3. After the horizontal lathes are started, the operation of the device is first observed whether it is normal. The lathe tools should be firmly clamped. Pay attention to the depth of the lathe tools. There must be a no-load setting on the device itself. If you want to rotate the lathe tool, return the lathe tool to the safety position to prevent the lathe tool from bumping the lathe chuck.

4. To adjust the speed of the horizontal metal lathe, you must first stop and change it. Don’t change the speed in the lathe-run state to damage the gears. When turning on the lathe, the lathe tool should be slowly approached the workpiece to avoid the iron dumb injury or the damage to the workpiece.

5. The operator must not leave freely without authorization. The lathe cannot be measured during operation, let alone replace clothes near the lathe. Operators who have not obtained the post certificate cannot be operated and processed alone.

6. The work venue should be neat and tidy, and the workpiece must not be piled up too high. The cutting iron dumbs should be cleaned in time. Once the failure of the bedtime electrical appliances, the power is disconnected immediately and the professional electrician is maintained in a timely manner.