Is there any condition for the use of engine lathe?


The engine lathe has all the structural characteristics of all-type products and is made of the saddle on the bed, expanding the processing range of the machine tool. The saddle of this machine is easy to disassemble, and the repeated positioning accuracy is high. If we remove the saddle of the engine lathe, we can machine special shape parts and large diameter parts. This machine tool is widely adapted to single or batch production in various mechanical processing industries. And also suitable supporting equipment for scientific research institutions.

Conditions for engine lathe

The use of the engine lathe must meet the following conditions. The power supply voltage at the location of the machine tool is stable, the ambient temperature is less than 30℃, and the relative temperature is less than 80%.

1. Environmental requirements

The location of the machine tool should be far away from the source of the vibration, the impact of direct irradiation and thermal radiation of the sun should be avoided, and the effects of humidity and airflow should be avoided.

2. Power requirements

Generally, the installation of the saddle lathe in the machine processing workshop, not only the environmental temperature changes, and poor use conditions, but also a large number of electromechanical equipment, resulting in a large fluctuation of the power grid. Therefore, the position of the saddle lathe is required to be strictly controlled by the power supply voltage. The power supply voltage fluctuations must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable. Otherwise, it will affect the normal work of the CNC system.

3. Temperature conditions

The environmental temperature of the saddle lathe is less than 30℃, and the relative temperature is less than 80%. Generally speaking, there is an exhaust fan or cold fan inside the CNC electronics control box to keep the electronic component, especially the central processor’s working temperature constant or the temperature difference changes very little. Excessive temperature and humidity will lead to a decrease in the life of the control system component and lead to an increase in failure. With increased temperature and humidity, the increase in dust will be bonded on the integrated circuit board and leads to a short circuit.

4. Use machine tools in accordance with the specifications of the instructions

When using machine tools, users are not allowed to change the parameters set by the manufacturer in the control system at will. The setting of these parameters is directly related to the dynamic characteristics of various components of the machine. Only the gap compensation parameter value can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Users cannot replace machine tool accessories at will, such as hydraulic cards that exceed the specified in the instructions. When the manufacturer sets the attachment, it fully considers the matching of various link parameters. Blind replacement causes the non-matching of various link parameters and even causes an unexpected accident. The pressure of hydraulic cards, hydraulic blades, hydraulic tail seats, and hydraulic oil cylinders shall not be increased arbitrarily within the stress range of the use stress.