What does it do? How can I use it?


A facing and centering machine is a turning machine that can machine both ends of a piece of bar stock simultaneously. While it may be called a facing and centering machine, it can also chamfer, bore, countersink, and turn. For the most part, facing and centering machines are used to prepare bar stock for further machining on a primary operation lathe.

Normally, an operator would need to machine one end of a part, remove the part, and then machine the other end. By machining both ends of the bar at the same time, turning time is cut in half. But in addition, by properly preparing the faces of the workpiece prior to turning, a facing and centering machine can often entirely eliminate later finishing operations. The machine’s centering operation (creating an accurately positioned hole for further drilling or working) can also remove the need for machining some parts of the outside diameter of the workpiece later on.

Any operation that manufactures shafts, splines, trunions, and similar pieces will find a use for a facing and centering machine. The automotive and driveshaft industry is perhaps the most prominent.

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