New Products – Metal Bench Lathe CJM280


Metal bench lathe CJM280 light lathe is an economic and practical processing equipment, that has a more completer function as a common lathe, also has light and flexible features as a light metal bench lathe, the structure is compact and reasonable, the operation is easy and flexible, cutting rigid quality, basic function, quick to installation and maintenance. The machine is suitable for cutting inside and outside of cylindrical, end flat, cone flat and metric and inch thread, etc. widely used for middle and small enterprises, research institutes, personal and repairing shops, accompanied by the corresponding function modules, enabling other special cutting.


The machine is made of a bed, headstock, change gearbox, feed box, apron box, bed saddle, small tool post, electric system, and motor, etc.

Spindle box 

Spindle box internal gear transmission for the whole, through the triangle belt, to shaft Ⅰ, by means of the two-axis Ⅰ and axis Ⅱ gear and shaft Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅲ duplex gear and shaft and shaft and main shaft of two gear, spindle get eight different speed. Wide speed change range, convenient speed, suitable for all kinds of material processing.


Feed box

The left shafting fork controls the quadruplicate slippage gear, could realize 4 kinds of different gear meshing ways and gain 4 different speed rate, right shafting fork control triplicate slippage gear, could realize 3 kinds of different gear meshing ways and gain 3 different speed rate. There are 12 kinds of different speed rates through the left and right fork combinations with each other for the feed box.


Apron box 

Set up conversion devices for longitudinal and crossfeed, could choose the automatic feeding of longitudinal and cross, and then realized power feed of the machine.


Bed saddle

The following of saddle combined with bed guide, the façade combined with apron, and the upside combined with the middle carrier by dovetail, could realize the saddle longitudinal movement along with the guide and middle carrier cross-movement along with saddle dovetail.



The bed revolving of the tool post combined with the middle carrier can be revolved ±60°round the shaft core in the level.



The bed is the guide of two triangles and two rectangles,, there is better positioning accuracy and superior cutting rigidity, the plane of the guide has been handled by high-frequency quenching, and there is higher wear resistance.



The following tailstock carriage combined with the guide of the bed, can be moved along the guide, and quickly pressed the tailstock on the guide through the cam locking mechanism. The carriage of the tailstock is combined with the tailstock, could be move along with the guide, adjustable the coaxial that axis with spindle and sleeve or offset a certain amount the sleeve of tailstock could guide move liner the hole, to achieve the purpose of drilling, reaming.