What are the benefits of CNC Vertical Lathes for the processing industry?


CNC Vertical Lathes have gradually become one of the important main products of lathe factory, and the proportion of output value increases year by year.

CNC Vertical Lathe is very widely used, for the processing of automotive parts, especially the processing of automotive brake drums, not only high effect and more accurate processing precision. Compared with the function of other processing equipment, CNC Vertical Lathe advantages can be briefly summarised in the following aspects:

1.High processing precision

CNC Vertical Lathes turning products have good consistency and stable quality. The output equivalent of the general numerical control device (that is, the control part of the numerical control device requires the minimum movement of the servo device) is 0.0lmm, and the pitch error of the reverse gear of the machine tool transmission chain and the teaching cup can be automatically compensated by the numerical control device; Therefore, the positioning accuracy of CNC Vertical Lathe is high, for small and medium-sized machine tools. The positioning accuracy can generally reach 0.03mm. Repeated positioning accuracy can be achieved. When processing the same batch of parts, due to the use of the same processing program (the same punched paper tape), the tool processing track is exactly the same, the spindle speed and the tool feed rate are the same; Therefore, the precision consistency of CNC Vertical Lathe parts is good, and the product qualification rate is high.

2.High degree of flexibility

Machining parts on CNC Vertical Lathe , mainly depends on the processing program, it is different from ordinary machine tools, do not have to manufacture, replace many molds, fixtures, do not need to often readjust the machine tool. Therefore, the CNC Vertical Lathe is suitable for the frequent replacement of the parts processed, that is, it is suitable for the production of single pieces, small batch products and the development of new products, thus shortening the production preparation cycle and saving a lot of process equipment costs.

3.High production efficiency

Processing quality stable, reliable processing of the same batch of parts, in the same machine tool, under the same processing conditions, the use of the same tool and processing program, the tool path is exactly the same, the consistency of the parts is good, stable quality, high production efficiency. CNC Vertical Lathe spindle speed and feed speed are wider than other types of machine tools, thus providing the possibility of increasing the cutting amount. The CNC Vertical Lathe has strong adaptability, and it is very convenient to replace the machining workpiece, thus reducing the downtime of the machine tool and naturally increasing the effective processing time.

4.Strong reliability

CNC Vertical Lathe is controlled by computer control system to control the whole machining process, its running stability and reliability is very good. Since the computer is a program composed of English strings and mathematical formulas to control the CNC Vertical Lathe turning operation, there will be no manual operation errors in the processing process, which ensures the stability and reliability of the processing.

5. Low cost

In contrast, the cost of CNC Vertical Lathe is relatively low. This is because in the process of using CNC Vertical Lathe, the cost of investing in the machine tool is low, and the processing process does not need to use any special materials or tools, only the most basic tools are required. This makes the manufacturing and maintenance costs of CNC Vertical Lathe relatively low in the entire machinery manufacturing industry.

6. Easy to operate

Unlike traditional manual operation or some complex mechanical processing equipment, the operation process is very simple. Once the basic operating skills are mastered, the machining process becomes easy, which makes the CNC Vertical Lathe ideal for mass production and batch custom machining. In addition, the CNC Vertical Lathe has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for even operators with no machining experience.