What kinds of spindles are there in the gantry machining centers?


Spindle is a very important part for a gantry machining centers. The form of spindle determines the speed and cutting force of a CNC machining center. There are many different types of spindles, including gear head type, belt type, direct type, and electric spindles. Different spindles have different uses. Among them, direct type and electric spindles are only for high-speed machining centers.

Belt type spindles are very versatile, including small machining centers, large vertical machining centers and gantry machining centers. Belt type speed generally does not exceed 8000 rpm. The higher the speed, the louder the noise. However  the belt type is powerful and very suitable for heavy cutting, so it is widely used in large machining centers.

Direct type spindles are widely used in high-speed gantry machining centers and drilling centers, usually with speeds up to 12,000 rpm. Speed and cutting force are an inverse function. Basically, the higher the speed, the smaller the cutting force, so the cutting force of the direct type is not as good as that of the belt type. The direct type is more stable, and it is very advantageous to process workpieces that require high surface finish. Machining centers with direct type is mainly for processing small parts and products, and do not do heavy cutting.

Coolant through spindle

Cools tools and facilitates chip evacuation.Suitable for high-gloss workpieces processing or U-drill drilling.

Direct type spindle

High speed, low noise, low runout. Suitable for high-gloss mold processing, but not suitable for heavy cutting.

Electric spindle

  • Long life:Adopting gas static bearing, non-contact, no wear and long life.
  • High precision: Due to the homogenization effect of gas static bearing and the machining precision of parts up to 0.2um, it has higher static and dynamic precision than ball bearing motor spindle.
  • High rigidity and low vibration: The bearings are verified by precise calculation and * simulation analysis software. It has the advantages of low vibration, high rigidity and high load capacity.
  • High configuration: Equipped with high performance AC induction motor, high torque output, suitable for a variety of machining applications.
  • High reliability: the use of double helix cooling structure, the spindle to maintain a constant temperature processing. The performance is stable and reliable.
  • Automatic tool change: Some products with HSK E25/E32/E40 tool holder. It has higher axial and radial positioning accuracy, and can automatically change tools at the same time.