Type: Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC



    If you are looking for a large metalworking lathe at a good price, take a look at the DAASCNC metal lathe. The C6266 has a 26″ swing and 59” between centers.

    Metalworking lathe C6266 is made just like all of our other metal lathes with only the best components. The massive fully cast base is built to stand up to years of use and gives great support to the mainframe of the machine. All of the ways are precision ground, hardened, and then polished to ensure smooth movement. The bed is cross-ribbed for added strength and stability as well.


    1. Strictly Processed Hardened-tempered casting gears make the spindle headbox perform precisely.
    2. The bed guideway is hardened and tempered by super audio quenching and precision grinding.
    3. Precision grinding of the main shaft box, low noise.
    4. Many thread types can be chosen.
    5. Electrical safety performance is good, with high reliability.


    Speciofication C6266x2000 C6280x3000
    Swing Over Slide Φ660mm Φ800
    Swing Over Cross Slide Φ440mm Φ570mm
    Swing in Gap Diameter Φ900mm Φ1035mm
    Length of Gap 250mm
    Center Height 330mm
    Distance Between Centers 1500mm/2000mm/3000mm
    Width of Bed 400mm 400mm
    Max. Section of Tool 25mm × 25mm
    Max. Travel of Cross Slide 368mm 420mm
    Max. Travel of Compound Rest 230mm 230mm
    Spindle Bore Φ105mm
    Spindle Nose D1-8
    Taper of Spindle Bore Φ113mm(1:20)/MT5
    Spindle Speed Number 16
    Range of Spindle Speed 25~1600rpm 25~1600rpm
    Leadscrew Pitch Φ40mm×2T.P.I. or Φ40mm×12mm
    Inch Threads Range 7/16~80T.P.I. (54 kinds)
    Metric Threads Range 0.45~120mm (54 kinds)
    Diametrical Pitches Range 7/8~160DP (42 kinds)
    Module Pitches Range 0.25~60MP (46 kinds)
    Longitudinal Feeds Range in Metric Lead Screw 0.044~1.48mm/rev (25 kinds)
    Longitudinal Feeds Range in Inch Lead Screw 0.00165″~0.05497″/rev (25 kinds)
    Cross Feeds Range in Metric Lead Screw 0.022~0.74mm/rev (25 kinds)
    Cross Feeds Range in Inch Lead Screw 0.00083″~0.02774″/rev (25 kinds)
    Quill travel 235mm
    Quill diameter Φ90mm
    Quill taper MT5
    Main motor power 7.5kW(10HP)
    Coolant pump power 0.09kW (1/8HP)
    Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 321x123x160cm(1500mm) 321x123x167cm(1500mm)
    Packing Size (L×W×H) 371x123x160cm(2000mm) 371x123x167cm(2000mm)
    471x123x160cm(3000mm) 471x123x167cm(3000mm)
    324x114x184cm(1500mm) 324x114x191cm(1500mm)
    374x114x184cm(2000mm) 374x114x191cm(2000mm)
    474x114x184cm(3000mm) 474x114x191cm(3000mm)
    Net Weight 3060/3345/3710kg 3220/3505/3870kg
    Gross Weight 3535/3835/4310kg 3705/4005/4480kg