Type: Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC



    Our mill drill lathe is 3 machines in 1! The lathe is very spacious, with large travels. The milling drilling head has a heavy-duty MT3 spindle taper. The tool post doubles as a work-holding vise for your mill!


    1. Has the purposes of turning, milling, drilling, boring & thread-cutting.
    2. DC brushless motor, big torque at low speed, infinitely variable speed.
    3. Power-driven for table in milling.
    4. Cam clamping chuck.
    5. ,ill drill lathe with lengthened table.
    6. Has the devices of safety interlock & an overload safety.
    7. Lengthened drilling/milling box, 360° rotation in veritical plane.


    Specification G1340
    Swing dia. over bed 330mm 13
    Swing dia. over table 190mm 7.5
    Distance between centers 1000mm 40
    Spindle bore 28mm 1.1
    Spindle speed 503000r/min
    Longitudinal stroke 890mm 35
    Cross stroke 185mm 7.3
    Small toolpost stroke 70mm 2.75
    Metric pitch/grade 0.356.5mm/24
    Inch pitch/grade 752T.P.I./21
    Longitudinal feed/grade 0.0670.5mm/r/21
    Cross feed/grade 0.0210.157mm/r/21
    Milling-drilling spindle taper MT3 R8
    Milling-drilling shaft stroke 127mm 5
    Milling-drilling box stroke 110mm 4.33
    Table size 450×170mm 17.7×6.7
    Drilling dia. 24mm 0.95
    Power of motor 1.1kw
    Case dimensions of machine 1640×570×1110mm
    Case dimensions of stand 1540×560×550MM