Type: CNC Lathe Machine

Max. swing dia. over bed: 180mm

Spindle bore: 20mm

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC



    A small education CNC turning machine is a machine tool used for turning and shaping various materials such as metal, wood, or plastic. This type of small cnc turning machine is designed specifically for educational purposes, with a compact size and simplified controls to make it more accessible for students learning about machining and manufacturing. With computer numerical control (CNC) technology, students can program the lathe to perform precise cuts and shapes automatically, helping them to develop valuable skills in computer-aided manufacturing. Overall, a small education CNC lathe is an excellent tool for students to learn about the fundamentals of machining and prepare for careers in engineering and manufacturing.

    Performance features

    • X/Z feeding motor and main motor: servo motor.
    • Machine stand with drawer.
    • Lower noise and high precision.
    • Suitable for educational training and mould machining.
    • Small size and cheap price.


    Specification CNC180
    Max. swing over bed 180mm
    Distance between centers 300/350mm
    Rail width 85mm
    Spindle bore dia. 20mm
    Spindle taper MT3
    Spindle speed 50-2250rpm
    No. of tool stations 4-position
    X-axis  travel 60mm
    Z-axis travel 250mm
    X rapid speed 800mm/min
    Z rapid speed 1200mm/min
    Spindle motor power 400/550kw
    Main motor type Brushless motor
    Controller system Mach 3
    X motor torque 1.5N.m
    Z motor torque 2N.m
    Min. setting unit 0.001mm
    Type Manual type
    No. of tool stations 4 position
    Max. section of tool 8x8mm
    Tailstock dia. 20mm
    Tailstock tavel 50mm
    Tailstock taper MT2
    Machine Dimensions
    Packing size(without stand) 900X400X1250mm
    Overall size 900X400X700mm
    N.W(without stand) 150kg
    N.W 130kg

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