Type: Vertical

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    Hydraulic spline roller machine VDS1000A is suitable for the precision chip-free cold forming of straight teeth, spiral teeth(splines), thread, worm, straight grain, oil groove on shaft parts of automobile gearbox gear shaft, ball cage constant speed universal joint, spline shaft, motor shaft, textile roller, spring torsion bar, directional machine, crankshaft, etc.


    1. Wear-resistant castings use special materials frame body is highly rigid.
    2. Unique synchronization gap trimming technology can improve synchronization accuracy.
    3. Rich combination mold can reverse forming and save molds.
    4. Clamping one time can form a few steps.
    5. Intelligent rail war lubrication detector function, workpiece forming finished with the big cooling flow.
    6. Reasonable structure design, pleasant operating height, small footprint.
    7. Hydraulic spline roller machine can carry with truss or joint robot and automatic line.
    8. Imported original oil pressure parts and two oil cylinders ensure steady forming.
    9. Unique fine adjustment technology of synchronous pinion and rack and clearance maximize synchronous precision.


    Specification Unit VDS1000A VDS1000EA
    Max  module mm 1.5 1.5
    Max out diameter mm ø50 ø50
    Max tool width mm 100 100
    Max workpiece length mm 1000 1000
    Max installing tool width mm 300 300
    The open part size mm 139.7 139.7
    Tool size mm 36or24,13 36or24,13
    Max travel mm 1160 1160
    Weight kg 12000 12000
    Length × width mm 1580×3900 1580×3200
    Driveway Hydraulic CNC

    Spline Shaping Principles

    The spline cold forming is actually a shaping process without stock removal, in which root materials are gradually extruded and replaced up to the crest.


    spline rolling machine

    Through our computation procedure, you can easily figure out the theoretical diameter of materials necessary for shaping and you can get the final diameter after adjustment.

    Advantages of cold forming: (compared with old cutting processing)

    spline rolling machine

    1) Efficiency is increased up to more than 30 times.

    2) Workpiece bearing capacity is increased to 40%.

    3)Roughness can reach below Ra0.4.

    4)Materials saved to 9%-15%.

    5)Fatigue strength, torsion strength, and wear resistance are sharply improved.