Type: Vertical & Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    Best universal milling machine is a machine tool with a milling cutter for the milling process. The spindle drives the milling cutter to rotate, and the lead screw drives the worktable to move left and right, up and down, to process the required shape. The milling machine processing range is very wide and can process horizontal plane, vertical surface, keyway, T-groove, dovetail groove, gear, spline shaft, sprocket, spiral surface, and so on.


    1. Using one servo motor to control work table’s auto feed on XYZ axes, high torque, energy saving and stable.
    2. Full set grind gear guarantee low noise and long service life.
    3. Max table travel can reach 1000*380*400mm, and has advantages on the market.


    Specification unit XQ6432C
    Table size mm 1370*320
    X/Y/Z travel mm 1000*360*400
    Max rotary angle of table ° ±45°(Optional )
    Max table weight Kg 300
    T-slots(NO./width/pitch) mm 3*14*80
    Shaft speed series and range rpm V 45-1660(11steps)
    H 35-1500 (12steps)
    Arm travel mm 460
    Distance between spindle center line -table mm 75-475
    Distance between spindle nose – table surface 260-660
    Distance between spindle nose and arm mm 180
    Spindle taper 7:24   IS040
    Table rapid speed(X/Y/Z) MM 1335、1335、1000
    Table feed(X/Y/Z) mm X、Y:30-830 (8 steps)
    Z:23-625 (8 steps)
    Main motor power KW  V:3kw
    Feed motor KW 3 axes using a 15N.m servo motor, auto feed and change speeds variably
    Dimensions Cm 190*1750*190
    Machine weight kg 1950

    Machine Details

    Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
    Ф27 Milling arbor SINO DRO
    Elevating lift Spindle guard
    M16 Draw bar CE Schneider Electric
    Double end spanner Aluminum Hang arm
    5,6,10 Allen key Rotary table ±45°
    M16 Nut 160 milling vice
    M16 Washer ISO40-40mm milling arbor
    Operation manual
    EP1C  series servo driver manual