Type: Vertical & Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    A universal industrial milling machine is a machine tool with a milling cutter for the milling process. The spindle drives the milling cutter to rotate, and the lead screw drives the worktable to move left and right, up and down, to process the required shape. The milling machine processing range is very wide and can process horizontal plane, vertical surface, keyway, T-groove, dovetail groove, gear, spline shaft, sprocket, spiral surface, and so on.

    Through the rotary milling head, multi-angle machining can be carried out. When the horizontal milling cutter bar is installed on the main shaft, horizontal milling can also be carried out, and multiple saw blade milling cutters can be clamped at one time. It’s very efficient.


    1. Hardened guideway of industrial milling machine.
    2. Worktable can swivel 45 degree.
    3. X.Y & Z axis auto feeding.
    4. Mill head swivel ±360 degree with high performance.
    5. Spindel Taper is ISO 50, Large torque, fast-moving is 1800mm/min.


    Specification LM1450A
    Spindle taper ISO50(V) ISO50(H)
    Distance from vertical spindle to working table 0-450mm
    Distance between spindle axis and ram surface 100-500 mm
    Arm travel 500mm
    Rabge of spindle speed (12)60-1750r.p.m(V).(12)60-1800r.p.m(H)
    Swivel angle of swivel head 360degrees
    Workbench maximum turning around 45 degrees
    Table size 1600x360mm
    Table travel(horizontal/cross/vertical) 1000/340/450mm
    Range of longitudinal travel (8steps)30-630mm/min(max2000)
    Range of cross travel (8steps)30-630mm/min(max2000)
    Range of vertical travel (8steps)18-300mm/min (max630)
    T-slot NO./width/distance of table 3/18/80mm
    Main motor 4.0kw (V)4.0KW(H)
    Motor for rapid devtce of table 1500w
    Motor for vertical devtce of table 1500w
    Motor of cooling pumps 120w
    Speed of cooling pumps 25L/min
    Max weight of workpiece 600kg
    Overall dimension 2120x2000x2250mm
    N.W/C.W 2650/2850kg