Type: Vertical & Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    Ram milling machine with digital display is a newly developed product based on the traditional knee-type milling machine and has more advanced features than the general one. This ram milling machine can mill any angle surface through the front half-sphere by swiveling the milling head.

    It features enlarged machining capacity, a wide range of spindle speed, infinitely speed changing, two sets of operating handles for easy operation, an interlock between locking and power/manual feed system, an automatic lubrication system, sufficient rigidity, and so on. This machine can mill plane, groove, slant groove, and even can mill plane and groove in the cavity of some workpieces. It is suitable for the metalworking operation of all kinds of factories, especially for dies and molds.


    1. Table 3 axes with ball screws, high precision.
    2. Table feeding with 3 separate servo motors, variable speeds, not interfere with each other, high reliability, easy to operate.
    3. Mechanical change speeds in the headstock, powerful milling.
    4. Table with an extra supporting column, big load, and high accuracy.
    5. It can mill any angle surface through the front half-sphere by swiveling the milling head.


    Specifications X5746 X5750
    Table size 460*1235mm 500*1600mm
    T-slots(NO./width/pitch) 5*18*80mm
    Table travel (X/Y/Z) 900*650*450mm 1200*700*500mm
    Swivel angle of milling head 360°
    Spindle taper ISO40 ISO50
    Spindle speed range (27) 30-2050rpm
    Table feed(X/Y/Z) 10-1000/10-1000/6-640mm/min 10-1000/10-1000/5-500mm/min
    Table rapid speed 2200/2200/1100mm/min
    Distance between spindle nose and table surface 50-500mm 50-550mm
    Distance from spindle center line to column 36-686mm 45-745mm
    Main motor power 5.5kw 7.5kw
    Feed motor AC servo motor       X/Y:18NM; Z: 27NM
    Max load 800kg 1800kg
    Overall size 1835*2362*2090mm 2625*2460*2080mm
    weight 3600kg 4200kg