Type: Vertical & Horizontal

Warranty:  13 months

Voltage: As customers’ requirement

Color: As customers’ requirement

After-sale service: Available

Brand Name: DAASCNC


    This product is easy to operate and reliable. Available for all kinds of cylindrical milling cutter, milling cutter, angle cutter, milling cutter and face Various plane, inclined planes, grooves, etc.. If the use of appropriate new milling machine accessories can be processed gear, cam, arc groove

    And other special-shaped parts, such as the spiral surface, the configuration of universal milling head, round table, the worktable size of the machine can be further expanded, Large machine tool use range, according to user needs can be configured to display the


    1. Auto feed on two axes, motorized lift on Z-axis
    2. Hardening treatment, rectangular guideway
    3. High-speed turret milling head, high precision
    4. With the universal milling machine structure of rectangular guide rail, the milling machine itself is more stable and more accurate.


    Specification X6336U
    Table size 1320X360mm
    Spindle taper ISO40(V) /ISO50(H)
    Distance from spindle to table 135-635mm
    Distance from horizontal spindle to table 0-400mm
    Distance from spindle to column 200-700mm
    Spindle speeds (16steps)66-4540rpm(V)
    Spindle travel 127mm
    Feeding of quill (3steps)0.04  0.08  0.15
    Max drilling capacity of auto-feeding 15mm
    Rotary milling head (Left/right)  45 degrees
    Table travel (horizontal/cross/vertical) 1000X320X450mm
    Feeding range of longitudinal cross travel (8steps)22-555mm/min
    X,Y-axis rapid feed speed 1080mm/min
    Z-axis rapid feed speed 560mm/min
    Z-axis motor power 1100W
    Max weight of workpiece 500kg
    T-slot number /width/distance 3/18mm/80mm
    Horse power for main motor 3.75(V)/4.0kw(H)
    X,Y axis driving motor 1100W
    Overall dimension 2220x1790x2360mm
    N.W./G.W. 2400/2550kg